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Gujarat Elections

BJP sweeps assembly elections. Again!

The electorate have spoken and spoken in favour of Prime Minister Modi. Gujarat Assembly election, which PM Modi had turned into a personal mandate have delivered in his favour. In spite of a massive anti-incumbency after being in power in Gujarat, BJP has delivered a victory that can easily rival Left’s erstwhile 27 year rule in West Bengal.
While we had speculated a huge issue out of GST and the political parties tried to win favours on the issue of development, Ayodhya etc, what came out top in the end was brand Modi.
In Himanchal Pradesh too, BJP has secured an easy majority with a possibility of betting a two third of the seats. The hill state always changes it ruling party upon an election, combined with Amit Shah’s organizational skill, BJP’s victory was an easy prediction.
To Rahul Gandhi’s credit he has managed a 20% increase in congress seats in the 182 seats assembly – highest since 1985 and ould potentially lead to revival of Congress in the state as a principal opposition. Rahul Gandhi also managed congress highest vote share in last thirty years.
This victory – we expect is going to embolden the government in center to steam ahead with its policy decision with little regards to immediate term impacts. PM’s ask to sacrifice today for a better tomorrow seems to be finding a resonance with the ordinary man on the street.

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