BJP spins intelligence failure as wave of nationalism

While opposition has been questioned by BJP spokes person on the questions around ghastly attack of 14 Fb that claimed lives of 44 CRPF personal, BJP itself is using this as an opportunity to flame nationalism.

Sample the tweet by Amit Shah.

Unless Indian Army has ways and means to get into a bloody conflict with Pakistan (Over POK) and China (on Aksai Chin), the electoral rhetoric is simply not possible.

But what it does is to paint some unknown elements in Valley as enemies of India and calls for all of us to face these separatists.

Kashmir Problem: Who is the enemy?

BJP and NDA are yet to define who is the enemy. Is it Pakistan? If it is then Modi has no way of dealing with the challenge. India’s support to Baloch independence movement never materialized and the movement as a lever for peace in Kashmir is past its expiry.

If its Pakistani supported Indian extremists, then the problem cannot be solved with guns. By send 10,000 more police forces in Valley, Kashmir is dangerously close to becoming a colony for New Delhi. All it would take is a misguided commander to open hostilities against a civilian population and we would lose the hearts and minds forever.

Will 10K more troops increase or decrease militancy…

If news reports are to be believed, the sole reason for Adil Ahmad Dar to join ranks of Jaish-e-Mohammed was after he was beaten by troops. The men in uniform had accused the kids to be stone pelters. To young minds – raging with hormones, it was a personal harassment and a revenge needed to be followed. It ended with death of 44 of CRPF troops and Dar himself.

Its anyone’s guess that if we have street presence of more cops does it increase or decrease such incidents. If this is not playing into ISI strategy then what is?

And what about the Intelligence Failure?

The Pulwama attack was carried out with an Echo Van armed with more than half a ton of military grade RDX. That quantity of explosive, let alone RDX is not easy to move without a trace. Also, the difficulty in moving this quantity implies that it was not a day when bad guys got lucky. There was meticulous planning and flawless execution.

Then there is the case of Ratnipora Village encounter on Feb 12 and a ‘mysterious’ explosion inside a private school in Pulwama on Feb 13, 2019. Were they related to the bloody bombing of CRPF convoy is for intelligence officers to answer.

Whatever the case, Modi led government, is out for blood – may be it should lick its own.

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