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Election 2019

BJP announces 3rd list. 5 sitting MPs snubbed


The BJP announced 3rd list of 36 candidates from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Meghalaya and Maharashtra to contest on its tickets

The BJP announced 3rd list of 36 candidates from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Meghalaya and Maharashtra to contest on its tickets

of those listed, 23 candidates have been announced for Andhra Pradesh — — 6candidates for Maharashtra, 5 for Odisha and 1 candidate each for Assam and Meghalaya.

Of the six tickets from Maharashtra four have been denied to Sitting MPs. A. T. Patil from Jalgaon has been replaced with Mrs. Smita Uday Wagh, Harishchandra Chavan has been snubbed in favour of Dr. Bharati Pawar in Dindori, Anil Shirole has been neglected for Girish Bapat in Pune and Sharad Bansode has been substituted by Dr. Jaysidhesvar Swami in Solapur.

On the Tezpur seat in Assam, Sjt. Pallab Lochan Das will contest on BJP symbol, dashing Ram Prasad Sharma chances of reelection on Lotus symbol.

Sambit Patra, the BJP national spokesperson has been chosen to contest from Puri parliamentary constituency in Odisha.

The entire list follows:

Sl.StatesPC No.Name of PCName of CandidatePhase
1.         Andhra Pradesh1Aruku (ST)K V VSatyanarayan Reddy1
2.         Andhra Pradesh2SrikakulamPerla Sambamurti1
3.         Andhra Pradesh3VizianagaramP Sanyasi Raju1
4.         Andhra Pradesh5AnakapalliDr. Gandi Venkata Satyanarayana1
5.         Andhra Pradesh6KakinadaYallaVenkata Ramamohana Rao (Dorababu)1
6.         Andhra Pradesh7Amalapuram (SC)AyyajiVema Manepalli1
7.         Andhra Pradesh8RajahmundrySatya Gopinath dasparavasthu1
8.         Andhra Pradesh9NarsapuramPaidikonda Manikyalarao1
9.         Andhra Pradesh10EluruChinnam Ramkotaya1
10.      Andhra Pradesh11MachilipatnamGudivaka Ramanjaneyulu1
11.      Andhra Pradesh12VijayawadaDilip Kumar Kilaru1
12.      Andhra Pradesh13GunturValluruJayaprakash Narayana1
13.      Andhra Pradesh15Bapatla (SC)Dr. Challagali Kishore Kumar1
14.      Andhra Pradesh16OngoleThogunta Srinivas1
15.      Andhra Pradesh17NandyalDr. AdinarayanaInti1
16.      Andhra Pradesh18KurnoolDr. P V Parthasarthi1
17.      Andhra Pradesh19AnantapurHamsaDevineni1
18.      Andhra Pradesh20HindupurPogala Venkata Parthasarthi1
19.      Andhra Pradesh21KadapaSinga Reddy Ramchandra Reddy1
20.      Andhra Pradesh22NelloreSuresh Reddy Sannapareddy1
21.      Andhra Pradesh23Tirupati (SC)Bommi Sri Hari Rao1
22.      Andhra Pradesh24RajampetPappireddi Maheswara Reddy1
23.      Andhra Pradesh25Chittoor (SC)Jayaram Duggani1
24.      Assam9TezpurSjt. Pallab Lochan Das1
25.      Maharashtra3JalgaonMrs. Smita Uday Wagh3
26.      Maharashtra16NandedShri Pratap Patil Chikkalikar2
27.      Maharashtra20Dindori (ST)Dr. Bharati Pawar4
28.      Maharashtra34PuneShri Girish Bapat3
29.      Maharashtra35BaramatiMrs. Kanchan Rahul Kul3
30.      Maharashtra42Solapur (SC)Dr. Jaysidhesvar Swami2
31.      Meghalaya1Shillong (ST)Shri Sanbor Shullai, MLA1
32.      Odisha1BargarhShri Suresh Pujari2
33.      Odisha3SambalpurShri Nitesh Ganga Deb3
34.      Odisha11KalahandiShri Basanta Kumar Panda1
35.      Odisha17PuriDr. Sambit Patra3
36.      Odisha21Koraput (ST)Shri Jayaram Pangi1

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