Bharatmala starts to take shape with NHAI’s 1.75L bid invites

The National Highways Authority of India has initiated work for 10,460 km highways by inviting bids for them.

The projects are expected to cost Rs.1,75,000 crore in total will be a contribution under Bharatmala. Further bids in another 1,000km will be invited within the next 15 days.

The projects awarded and likely to be awarded by March, 2018 cover 1,900 km. in Maharashtra; 1150 km. in Rajasthan; 1,020 km. in Uttar Pradesh; 880 km. in Odisha; 745 km. in Andhra Pradesh; 740 km. in Madhya Pradesh; 650 km. in Gujarat; 620 km. in Karnataka; 570 km. in Tamilnadu; 500 km. in Bihar; 430 km. in Jharkhand; 365 km. in Telangana; 350 km. in Haryana; 280 km. in West Bengal; 270 km. in Chattisgarh; and balance in other states (150 Punjab; 150 km. in Himachal Pradesh;140 km. in Delhi, 120 km. in Kerala; 100 km. in J&K).

To ensure that the targets are achieved, NHAI has set up a robust monitoring mechanism. Officials from the NHAI headquarters have been visiting project sites of critical projects and meeting officials of state governments for expediting land acquisition and project clearances. NHAI has also recruited a large number of retired revenue officials at the field levels.

NHAI is also ramping up the pace of construction. In 2017-18, NHAI is set to complete construction in a length of 3,500 km. against the average in last 5 years of 2,170 km. To maintain the pace of construction, NHAI has commenced works on 27 new projects covering 1,330 km and will commence the work soon on another 50 projects covering 3,000 km. Banks/ financial institutions are now showing keen interest in Hybrid Annuity Mode (HAM) and financing of HAM projects is now happening smoothly.

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