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Attempt to equate Jadhav with Kasab. Pakistan still dreams!

In last twenty-four hours or so Pakistan has unequivocally proved that Kulbhushan Jadhav is an Indian and that his wife and Mother too are Indians. The only problem is the fact that India has always owned Jadhav asking for a counsellor access to its citizen.

For the uninitiated Jhadhav has been tried by a Military Court foe alleged acts of insurgency. In a video, Jhadhav confessed to working for Indian spy agency Research and Analysis Wing. He added that he had been arrested in Balochistan while attempting to infiltrate the country from Iran. Pakistan claims that this arrest led to arrest of scores of terrorists and freedom fighters in Baluchistan.

India maintains that Jhadhav was taken hostage by Taliban inside Iran and then sold to ISI. What ensures lack of credibility on the Pakistan’s claim is absolute lack of any evidence in public domain. No testimony that indicted Jhadhav has been made public. Even legal defence of the alleged spy is kept a state secret. The claims are never backed by any assertion of specific events. Unlike Kasab’s trial in India where there were witnesses and video footages that were released, we only get to hear what ISPR has to say.

But then Pakistan has a capability to gun down hundreds of ‘terrorists’ in matter of hours of a major terror attack – as though the country waits for its civilian casualties. Almost every time such an incident is either based in irrefutable evidence known only to its national-secret keepers or presented in all secret military courts.

The sham of justice that Pakstan’s army and ISI sell to its citizens almost falls flat in any major scrutiny. With actions like that of disbarring Nawaz Sharif from PM’s office Pakistani Judiciary may seem to have come a long way, in actuality its just a smokes screen developed by its men in Khaki to rule without any accountability.

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