Another policy failure: India loses to China in Baluchistan

In July 16, 2009 Manmohan Singh, all but admitted, Indian involvement in restive Baluchistan province of Pakistan. The Indian intelligence has long tried to use Baloch insurgency as a strategic counterweight to stop Pakistan’s bleed India policy of Kashmir terrorism. On Aug 15, 2016 Prime Minister Modi, made the support to Baloch cause against Pakistan’s oppression almost official.

Except no action followed the word. All hopes of Baloch movement were limited to few ads on London Buses and New York City. They never received the kind of patronage that LeT or Taliban ever got form Pakistan.

Now it has emerged, in addition to dampened support from India, Baloch leaders have been given as active incentive by China to lay down their arms or at the very least to not attack OBOR projects.

While Indian strategists always believed that a threat of a potential Tibentan uprising with proxy Indian support will always be the last check on Chinese designs, Beijing took its time to negate Indian designs on the entire region. From Maldives to Pakistan to Bangladesh – in the entire Indian Indian Ocean Region, China has systematically curtained Indian aligned individuals, organizations and movements.

As for the Tibetan cause. India itself choose to abandon it and much of the movement is in ruins.

With Chinese breathing on its neck, collar, shoulder and pretty much every other part of India, New Delhi finds itself entangled by the dragon.

Dokhlam is not India’s defence of Bhutan, India’s defence of India.

Last four years of Modi’s hugplomacy has been a disaster with alienating of traditional friends like Russia. The proposed counter ring of India, Australia, Japan and US is yet to take off as US drags its feet on taking leadership. Similarly – Indian relations with Gulf States, though better than past, are not pulling in any strategic or long term thoughts.

With Indian foreign ministry reduced to a department of PMO and Ministry of Defence lacking serious leadership, Indian interest are under threat. The PM needs to urgently stop campaigning for state elections and focus on getting his cabinet colleagues up and running. Modi while being a man of vision has stretched himself too thin, and now the time to delegate is also running part the extra time.

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