Yemen Civil War

Another Middle East Fracture: UAE V/S Saudi Arabia play in Yemen

In what can be called a new chapter in the ongoing destabilisation of entire middle east, apparently, UAE has broken ranks from Saudi Arabia in the ongoing Yemen Civil War. Yemen’s Prime Minister Ahmed bin has stated that separatist forces backed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are staging a “coup” by seizing several government offices.

The deadly clashes between the separatist group supported by UAEand the army of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who is supported by Saudi Arabia has already resulted in at least 10 dead and 30 wounded.

UAE had joined the Yemen’s civil war as part of Saudi led alliance to prevent hostile take over of the country by Iran supported Houthis. UAE the cropped up Southern Transitional Council (STC) under the leadership of Zubaidi who played a vital part in Houthis’ defeat in Aden.

As a reward Zubaidi was made governor of Aden by Hadi, but after he started to campaign for secession of southern Yemen he was removed. The debacle made Zubaidi stronger and the influence of UAE on southern Yemen kept on increasing. Abu Dhabi has made STC a strong force that only answer to it and have created a parallel government and security apparatus to Hadi’s government.

In the latest turn of events STC had given Hadi’s government a seven-day ultimatum last week to either dismiss his prime minister and cabinet, or face an overthrow. Hadi called the threat as a bluff and STC responded with force.

STC has blamed Hadi for the confrontation.

Zubaidi has vowed to topple the Hadi government and it seems Mohammad Bin Salman has lost yet another ally in UAE.

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