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A proud Moment for Indian Raiways

With the aim of eliminating all unmanned Level Crossing Gates over Sambalpur Division, East Coast Railway launches highest ever 6 (six) Limited Height Subways (LHS) in Sambalpur Division and completed it in a single block of four and half hours on 5th July, 2018. Launching of 6 Limited Height Subways in Sambalpur Division is a first of its kind not only in East Coast Railway, but also in the entire Indian Railways.

In view of the launching of six Limited Height Subways, seven unmanned Level Crossing gates will be totally closed in Bhawanipatna-Lanjigarh Road Section of Kalahandi area of Odisha.

While completion of one single LHS in a block of four hours is itself an achievement, completion of 6 LHSs within the same time frame was unheard of earlier. In spite of the tremendous challenges involved in launching six LHSs in one go and despite the unfavourable monsoon weather conditions, Sambalpur Division has converted the mighty challenge into a favourable opportunity and completed the onerous task of launching of six LHSs in one go and thereby has set up a new mile stone in the history of Indian Railways.

Indian Railways
Indian Railways


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