“Vikas gando thayo chhe” Vs “”Hu vikas chhoo, hu Gujarat chhoo”

vikas gando thayo chhe

The Bhartiya Janta Party’s  development plank, which helped Narendra Modi in becoming the country’s Prime Minister from the chief minister of Gujarat, is now giving nightmares to the saffron party.

It is being cornered on  social media by “vikas gando thayo chhe” (development has gone crazy)  meme, which pokes fun at the development claim of the ruling BJP party in Gujarat.  The slogan “vikas gando thayo chhe” targets Modi’s so called Gujarat’s model.

BJP never expected this and that too in Gujarat, wherein it has been in power for the last 22 years.

Although, the ruling BJP has started a campaign “hu vikas chhoo, hu Gujarat chhoo” (I am development, I am Gujarat) to counter “vikas gando thayo chhe”.

It has made the party’s president Amit Shah’s anxious, who urged people to ignore these social media posts. For the first time in its 22 years of uninterrupted ruling, BJP is facing challenge.

The slogan started by a youth has given a new lease of life to the grand old Congres party, which faced major debacle in the 2014 General elections and even failed to post the half century mark in the 545 members parliament.

Now, there is an opportunity for the Congress party, which is the second largest one in Gujarat,  to improve its seats tally in the upcoming elections.

It seems that the party is aware about the  atmosphere as it swiftly formulated strategies to take advantage of growing satirical memes. Besides, it is banking on anti-incumbency factor.

On the other hand, Jignesh Mevani Dalit is remembering the atrocities done on dalits during the BJP regime. Another side, Convener of OBC, SC and  ST Morcha,  Alpesh Thakor, who has a long list of demand, announced that he would support the party, which fulfills his demand. He would announce his affiliation on October 9 and till the time Congress and BJP will keep guessing about his stand.

Further, Shankar Singh Vaghela, with his newly floated party, is also eyeing Gujarat. He is expected to fight on all the 182 seats. Besides, Hardik Patel is another challenge.

Poll bound Gujarat, which has been dominated by Patidars, Thakors and Dalits, is expected to witness a strong fight this time.

Senior citizens within the Patidars are in favor of BJP but the youth brigade seems to be looking for a change.

This time, it would not be an easy ride for BJP in Gujarat.

Shah has already flagged off its 4,157 Kms “Gaurav Yatra” and during his journey, he will reach to 149 assembly seats.  BJP will try to evoke Gujarat’s pride through  slogans like “hu vikas chhoo, hu Gujarat chhoo” (I am development, I am Gujarat). During the journey, Shah will sing eulogy of the prime minister, besides,  he will be thanked for all big and small works done by the government. Big hoardings of “Modi ji thank you” would be visible across the state.

People who have closely followed Gujarat’s politics believe that the BJP will once again try to polarise through its “Gaurav Yatra”. Issues like Kashmir, Pakistan and Rohingya Muslims will dominate and important issues such as farmer suicide, unemployment, problems faced by small businesses due to the implementation of GST will take a back seat.

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