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4 Million Persona Non Grata. All guilty unless proven Indian.

In an exercise monitored by Supreme Court, a great miscarriage of Justice has taken place. NRC is a mechanism in which, otherwise proven Indian, we are all Aliens. That is guilty unless proven innocent.
This means any Indian living in Assam who was unfortunate enough to not have the right kind of Identification or for that matter misplaced identification is by default a Bangladeshi. Even at a mere five percent misidentification a wopping 200,000 Indian citizens are about to be betrayed by you, me and this country.

As Amit Shah roars in parliament about illegal immigration, he does so with a great political acumen and little political foresight.
While the political strategy of BJP is clear with sights on the 2019 General elections, the fact that it is a start of creation of Muslim Ghettos and preservation is escaping no one’s mind. Lets begin with asking the right questions.
If these 4 Million aliens in India are not Indians then what is their nationality? If they are not Indians for not carrying documentation supporting, then are they Bangladeshis by default? Does anyone of them has been arrested with valid Bangladeshi documentation? Is Bangladesh going to accept these people just because India says so?

The answers to all the above question is a big resounding no. The only option before India will be to round this population in preservations, all of which will be – like the Palestinian refugee camps in Middle east, rife with poverty, hopelessness and full of anger for Indian state. We will be creating terrorists by taking away normal life of people who just wanted to earn a decent living.

The second question, perhaps the most important ones, who is responsible for the crime of the parents. Arguably, if parents crossed into India illegally in 1976 onwards, their children too have become aliens. Much like the US, we will be uprooting kids, young adults and families who have never known any land.

Then there is a question of History. We created Bangladesh. The land has had seen two bloody partitions in span of 25 years between 1947 and 1971. The degrading effects lasted many decades after it. Are we this inconspicuous about it? And most importantly what do we achieve with this.

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