11 Martyrs in 35 Days. Modi busy campaigning in Karnataka

While the country mourns the lives cut short because of cross border shelling from Pakistan, the political leadership of the country has no plans to negotiate or enforce peace.

The exchange of artillery fire with Pakistan is a zero-sum game that calls for ultimate sacrifices from Jawans and Junior officers without fetching any return to either of the country. There is zero possibility that Indian Army’s ferocious response to the fire will not elicit one from Pakis nor is there a possibility that either of the countries will run out of artillery shells.

As for death of Jawans, in recent past, during Kargil and Taliban withdrawal, Pakistani Army has shown capabilities to disown their own troops and in case of Taliban withdrawal, open fire on its own ranks. Such a country’s resolve is surely not going to be dented by loss of few more souls.

This brings to the needless deaths of Indian martyrs. The officers and ranks of the Army, in their true tradition are serving the country with their lives, however there seems to be no strategic thought from Army HQ, Defence Ministry, Cabinet Committee of Security or the PMO to resolve the conflict.

Some of the possible solutions may have included high level pressures on Pakistanis using our ‘renewed’ relationships with UAE and kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Or another option may have been use of back channel diplomacy.

Yet another ‘hard’ decision may be escalation of situation by moving Army divisions our of its cantonment in Bareilly and Meerut and into deserts Rajasthan. Upping the ante so that the entire world urges a ceasefire between the nuclear armed nation-states.

Yet all we hear from the leadership in India is either a deafening silence or our dear Prime Minister again accusing congress of corruption, without proof or actionable intelligence. We all know men must die for nation to live but what if men are dying for inaction of state?

Following are condolence messages for the martyrs for the readers to join Chif of Army Staff in paying the respects to the departed souls:

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