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Gaza rocket hits house in Central Israel

7 people have been injured after a rocket allegedly fired from the Gaza Strip hit a house in Central Israel

7 people have been injured after a rocket allegedly fired from the Gaza Strip hit a house in Central Israel.

The rocket hit the house at 05:25 hrs. local time in Mishmeret, 20 kms north of the city of Tel Aviv. It was launched from Rafah in Southern Gaza, which is 120 kms, from the targeted house. In terms of range, this is the farthest, a Palestinian rocket has reached in Israel since the 2014 conflict with militants in Gaza.

The Prime Minister of Israel – Benjamin Netanyahu who was on a trip to Washington, United States (U.S.)., has cut down his trip and has vowed to respond with force.

Reacting to rocket hitting the house, he said, “There was a criminal attack on the State of Israel, and we will respond forcefully. In a few hours I will meet with President Trump. I will return to Israel immediately afterward.”

However, there has been no official confirmed report on who carried out the attack, but the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Spokeswoman – Major Mika Lifshitz has said that the militant group – Hamas, which controls Gaza, is behind the act. She also said that Israel was set to deploy 2 brigades and infantry units to the Southern Gaza area.

For the records, 1 ½ week ago, 2 rockets were also launched towards Tel Aviv. Nobody was hurt in that rocket launch. In response, the Israeli military had responded with dozens of air strikes across Gaza, injuring 4 people.

She said, “It’s a Hamas rocket, itself made by Hamas. It has an ability to reach more than 120 kms. We see Hamas as responsible for all that happens in the Gaza Strip.”

The rocket launch comes at a time when the Prime Minister of Israel is propagating his security credentials.

Smadar Castelnovo, who lives opposite to the struck by rocket said, “We heard the siren and we didn’t think it was anything, but my daughter made us go into the reinforced room. My daughter was upset because we had left the dog out. We went out to get the dog and as soon as we went back in there was a very loud boom.”

Although the rocket triggered sirens in the Sharon and Emek Hefer regions, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system did not appear to have been activated. The Israeli authorities have closed the Kerem Shalom and Erez border crossings with Gaza.

Besides, another militant group – Islamic Jihad, said, “We warn the Zionist enemy from committing an aggression against the Gaza Strip.”

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